The Helping Hand Bracelet.

Over the summer I was asked by a fellow Myrtle Beach native to be a part of raising money for a local non-profit. I had heard of Helping Hand of Myrtle Beach and before she could even finish telling me about it, I knew I wanted to help her however I could. She wanted me to come up with a piece of jewelry that we could sell to raise money for the organization. We ran with the idea and "The Helping Hand Bracelet" was born. 


By September we were carrying them around and selling them out of our purses. Over $600 was raised in the first month and as we approach November, we have collected over $1000 for Helping Hand of Myrtle Beach. But why stop there? With Thanksgiving around the corner, we are eager to feed as many local families as we can. It has been put on our hearts that what we are doing is making a difference in someone's life, even if it's just a meal for one day. 


For this week, November 11- 16, we are asking for folks to order a Helping Hand Bracelet online. For every order received, I will put your name in a drawing to win a piece of ash hoffman jewelry (winner announced on Sunday, November 17). It's a win win! ONE bracelet FEEDS ONE family. If you are thankful this year to have food on the table and be able to gather around with your loved ones, then do your little bit of good by helping to provide that for someone else. Pay it forward. Spread the love. THANKS in advance.