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Movin' on up in 2016

It's a new year and I've moved into a new atelier! I've got a fresh space to continue to grow this little jewelry dream, make more beautiful pieces and meet more wonderful faces that inspire me to keep doing what I love. 

I thought that when the time came to relocate my studio, I would be more emotional and more sad, but the feelings have been just the opposite. I've felt a sense of peace, and a lot of excitement. Kinda the same way I felt on my wedding day... like everything was falling into place and happening just as it should.  

Along with the new year, new studio and new jewelry, I will be adding new stores to my list of "where to buy"! I am thrilled that more boutiques beyond Myrtle Beach will be carrying my line for their customers. 

As for all of you, my dear clients, I will continue to operate my studio by appointment only so that I am able to give you my undivided attention during design consultations and private shopping sessions.  I truly value the one on one design process and think that you deserve a unique space without interruption when creating or finding something special. I look forward to our time together in this beautiful new year! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued love and support! 

photographed in my former Surfside Beach studio by Scott Smallin for Grand Strand Magazine, hair and makeup by Beautiful Salon and Spa

What a year! And it isn't over yet...

It's been a hell of a year for more reasons than one! Engaged in January and married in May... that in itself would be enough to make 2015 the greatest year ever.

photograph by Scott Smallin


Top it off with finding out on your wedding day that you are a finalist for JTV's Rockstar Designer Competition and that is reason enough to smile. But it just keeps getting better. I made it to the top 10 after friends and family all over social media voted daily for over a month. Then I progressed to the TOP 5 after winning the judges over with background footage of me just being me. 

video courtesy of JTV


The top 5 finalists were flown to Knoxville, TN where we spent the last week of June going through daily challenges and eliminations to make up the first ever home shopping network reality series. We went into this thinking it would solely be a youtube series and were later informed that it would be airing on JTV's network which reaches 85 million households... Let me repeat that, 85 million households!!! I returned home to Myrtle Beach with four new wonderfully creative women as friends and the big secret of knowing that I had won!

My new hubby and I set off on our month long road trip honeymoon out west and I had four solid weeks to digest all of the excitement. 2015 has blown my mind at this point!

We got home from our honeymoon just in time for the show's premier Friday, August 31. The top 5 contestants were announced and. At that point, going grocery shopping got tricky because running into people brought on various questions..."So have you already filmed the show or do you go away each week?" or "How are you here when you are on TV?" By the end of the eight weeks, I was just as anxious for them to announce the winner as everyone else even though I knew the outcome. I didn't know how much longer I could go to bootcamp and yoga and dodge the inquiries.

The finale of the show aired over a week ago on Friday, Sept 18. I spent that weekend in Knoxville, accompanied by my father, celebrating my moment as the first ever JTV Rockstar Designer. I met with the buyers to discuss the line that I will design and sell exclusively for JTV and later went on the LIVE Girlfriend Friday show with JTV's veteran hosts Misty Mills and Nikki Rouleau after I was announced the winner! I spent the weekend with my dad touring Knoxville, cheering on the VOLS and finished up my trip teaching on JTV's Jewel School with Sheree Henry on Monday morning. Before heading back to the beach, we gathered in the atrium of the JTV headquarters so that I could pull the winning raffle ticket for one lucky employee to win a gift card. There I found myself standing in the middle of the room with applause all around me. 

Today, Sunday, Sept 27 I sit here trying to gather the words to describe every emotion that I am feeling about this year. In addition to the JTV hoopla, I had pieces of my jewelry in Charleston Magazine and Grand Strand Magazine. I was named one of Grand Strand's Most Stylish and voted Best Jeweler in Myrtle Beach from the Grand Strand's Most Happening List. I had a beautiful article written about me in Sasee magazine and just two days ago an article in our local paper, The Sun News. Am I tooting my own horn here? No way Jose!! I am in complete awe of what has come from four years of hard work devoted to creating my dream job and not giving up! I am grateful for every single person that has helped me get here and supported me along the way! I am thankful for my family, friends and mentors who believe in me and want to see me succeed.

photograph by Andrew Cebulka for Grand Strand Magazine


They always say when it rains, it pours and I just haven't had a chance to dry off from the beautiful showers that 2015 has blessed me with. Truth be told, it was just last year that I had a moment of contemplation about my career as a jeweler. What was my vision and direction? Fear and doubt crept in (and still does sometimes) and I wondered if I should just make it a hobby. But I gave it time, I prayed about it and I just kept making jewelry. This questioning and seeking filtered into other areas of my life and it allowed for me to get honest with myself. I committed myself to a healthier lifestyle of daily bootcamp or yoga. I changed my diet and began to see a difference in my body and my mind. Things started to align personally and professionally and I kept moving forward. I keep looking forward.

I can look back on my almost 32 years and remember vividly the shitty ones. But each one of those not so great chapters were the turn of the tide and the years that followed the worst ones were some of the breakthrough moments in my life. 2015 has been that breakthrough year where I've learned so much about myself and I've realized what I am capable of doing. I can see so much more clearly a direction and a goal, while still allowing things to manifest as they may.

photograph by Scott Smallin


I share with you all of these things because maybe you are having a wonderful year and you need someone to share that excitement with! Don't be afraid to pat yourself on the back and be ecstatic about it! I'm proud of you and encourage you to keep going! Maybe things are turning out the way you thought they would and you are contemplating throwing in the towel. If that's the case, take time to think it through, weigh your options and make the decisions that will make you the most happy in the end. Don't give up on your dream too easily or quickly! Ask for help and stay humble.

Thank you to each and every one of you who have supported and continue to support this little jewelry dream, watched the show, root me on, follow my little love story and our wild adventures, laughed along with me at my on air facial expressions, ask me about Rice + Beans (my sweet kitties) and share with me this beautiful thing called life! 2015 is one for the books! 


ash style : for the love of turquoise

As many of you know, turquoise is my most favorite stone. The variations of color, shapes and types of turquoise always mesmerize me. While we were out west on our honeymoon, I saw some of the most beautiful pieces of turquoise jewelry I have ever laid my eyes upon. Inspired is an understatement. The craftsmanship of the Native American Indians always leaves me in amazement and boy do I have some ideas for the turquoise stones I've been collecting over the years. Until then, check out my most favorite turquoise ash hoffman jewelry, vintage Native American rings, and my most fave handbag line, Taxidermy! Check them out if you have been living under a rock! (make that a turquoise rock)!



"Love is the answer" t shirt, TJ MAXX, pilcro jeans, Anthropologie, python bag, Taxidermy, vintage Native American rings

ash hoffman jewelry : "yoki" feather hoop earrings in turquoise, "ryan" skull necklace in 14k rose gold, "sophia" angel wing necklace in 14k yellow gold, "lydia" amazonite necklace in sterling silver, "gabriela" leather and turquoise necklace, "josie" sterling silver bangle, "emily" sterling silver bangles, "shikoba" cuff in 14k rose gold and sterling silver, 14k gold bangle, "irene" sterling silver ring, "leah" midi ring, "meghan" midi ring, custom wedding band set, 

I do.

14 June 2015

I do.

On May 8, 2015, my Cuban love and I celebrated our 5th anniversary together by tying the knot! We had an intimate backyard boda (wedding) surrounded by close friends and family at the home of my mother and stepfather. The attire was "come as you are" for a down home southern bbq (complete with cuban pastries) and a good time! The first tropical storm of the season decided to head our way the same weekend, but just a couple of hours before guests were to arrive, the sky cleared up, the sun came out, and the weather was perfect for a night under the stars.  It was an evening full of fun and more magical than I could've ever imagined. 
A huge thank you to everyone who helped make our day perfect! We couldn't have done it without you. We are blessed to have such wonderful friends and family celebrate our day with us. 
wedding dress : Monique Lhuillier from Maddison Row , groom's suit : Neiman Marcus, bridal shoes : Donald J. Pliner, bridal clutch : Taxidermy, jewelry : ash hoffman jewelry and Vicki Lynn Michael's Jewelers
catering : Prosser's BBQ, cake : Sidney Williams, cuban pastries : Pink Pineapple Cafe and Bakery  beer and wine : Better Brands + Beach Discount Beverage. 
hair : Meghan Abel of Freddie Rose Salon, make-up : Emily Vannoy of The Little White Dress, nails : Jennifer Seaborn of Hypnotic Hair Salon and Spa, eyelashes : Jessica Morris of R. Lozier Signature Salon
photography : Scott Smallin, videography : Anchor Films, see wedding video here flowers : Little Shop of Flowers, lighting : Vintage Marquee Lights, day of planning : Molly Piercy of Finish Strong Training, officiant : Dawn Yager of Shanti Yoga , ceremony acoustic : Jamin Ortiz of JDO Designs, band : cool hand 

ash style : summer shift

Summertime is just around the corner so in the studio, comfy dresses are part of the dress code. This little black and white shift is perfect for getting work done comfortably and in style. 


I'm a total bag lady so most days I have 3-4 bags in tow. Work bag, lunch bag, camera bag and purse... I don't foresee consolidating in the near future so for now, the bigger and brighter the bag, the better it is for this gal!

black and white dress : Front Door Boutique, shoes : Shoes on King, sunglasses : Tumbleweeds Handcraft  work bag : vintage Anthropologie, lunch bag : Built NY

ash hoffman jewelry : 14k rose gold bar and 14k yellow gold and sterling "miji" charms, "shikoba" 14k yellow gold and sterling silver cuff, 14k yellow gold "leah" beaded ring, sterling silver "yoki" feather band, and 14k yellow gold and diamond "madison" band, sterling silver "irene" arrow ring, 14k yellow, white and rose gold diamond wedding band, 14k rose gold "elizabeth" knot ring, 14k yellow gold bangle bracelet, sterling silver and 14k gold "leah" and "meghan" midis, sterling silver hammered hoops. 

ash style : in the studio

My work uniform looks much like my workOUT uniform... stretchy pants and tank tops! The only difference is that there is sometimes (emphasis on sometimes) a little more effort on hair, make up, and accessorizing! Most days the hair is tied up in a clean wet bun, much like it is in this blog post. I gotta keep my mop safe from all the dangerous tools I work with on a daily basis. 
Many think that making jewelry is quite glamorous but it gets very messy. Even though the dust I'm covered in is gold and silver, it sticks to everything and no lightly colored top stands a chance! Up and down from the desk, to the bench, to the polisher, and the assembly table all day means comfort is key! So... here's my wet, messy bun self in my work attire and a little labor approved ash hoffman jewelry. 
ash hoffman jewelry : embroidered logo tank, "ryan" skull necklace, "sophia" wing necklace, "om" necklace, "hamsa" beaded necklace,"flo" arrow cuff, "miji" cat bangle, "josie" quote bangle, "meghan" and "leah" midis and stackable rings, "ojo" eye stackable, "elizabeth" knot ring, "maria" ring with ruby, "yoki" feather ring, custom diamond stackable, "rachel" rope stackable, "noel" square pattern stackable (all sterling silver, 14k yellow or rose gold, 24k gold "om")


ash style : bridal luncheon bling

I love to tell stories but after some conversations I've had lately on the topic of blogging, I'm learning that more pictures and less prattle are what people want... SO, why the hell not style myself? I'll be stepping out of my comfort zone and in front of the camera all for the sake of jewelry! The "ash style" blog will be featured at least once a week to share with you my personal style and how you can accessorize with ash hoffman jewelry! 

Over the weekend, I attended a bridal luncheon for a dear friend who is getting married just two weeks before me! Shopping my own closet, I found the perfect ensemble fit for the occasion. With my jewelry, I went for the GOLD and picked my most prized pieces to lunch with the ladies. And... it's not every day that I have my brother Captain staying with me so I had to snap a pic with my best pup!

dress + belt : anthropologie, shoes : Michael Kors, purse : vintage Gucci, sunglasses : Ralph Lauren from TJ Maxx

ash hoffman jewelry : hoops, diamond studs, "ryan" necklace with diamond pendant, "sophia" wing necklace, "flo" arrow necklace, "meghan" + "leah" midis + stackables, repurposed  diamond ring from my grandfather's rings, "ali" chain ring, "elizabeth" knot ring (all 14k rose or yellow gold), 18k yellow gold custom engagement ring 

how to : propose to a jeweler

"How do you propose to a jeweler?" my boyfriend, Enoel, would question at times. "Easy" I would say... "All you have to do is ask!" I didn't need a box in his hand to open with something sparkly in it to make it a kick ass proposal, nor did I want that. I'm an artist, designer and jeweler so of course I want my hand in the design and building of the most anticipated piece of jewelry known to every woman! As far as the actual proposal, I really just wanted to be surprised and caught off guard which, in hindsight, may have been harder to pull off than trying to pick out a ring! Ideas constantly swirling through my brain made the thought of designing a ring for myself a little overwhelming, and a whole lotta exciting so I came to the conclusion that if he ever asked, we would design it together and it would be a mix of both our tastes. I love quirky and offbeat with layers of texture and colors while Enoel prefers clean lines and simpler styles. All he had to do was ask...

ash hoffman jewelry : luna, louise and lorraine turquoise stacks, emily bangles, ryan skull necklace, sophia wing necklace, meghan and leah midis // "love is the answer tank" TJ MAXX, plaid flannel L Mae Boutique


Ask he did on a gorgeous, sunny Sunday afternoon, January 11, to be exact, and I was completely caught off guard... The day didn't go like our typical Sundays. He's usually at the mountain bike trails first thing in the morning and I catch up on sleep. This particular day I got up, went to yoga, the grocery store, and then returned home and spent some time in the kitchen... completely abnormal. He was outside mowing the lawn and cleaning up the yard. I remember feeling very happy. Sometime after the lawnmower silenced, my phone chimed and a snapchat had come through... Enoel had made a fire in the middle of the day and the caption read "so peaceful." Peaceful it looked, so I packed the last bit of food in the fridge and headed out to sit with him. 

ash hoffman jewelry : meghan + leah midis, shikoba cuff in 14k rose gold + sterling silver


The air had a nice crisp chill to it and the fire was warm and cozy. All was well in the world. Enoel started talking about how blessed we were and how good life was. This is all common with him as he has a very grateful heart and so often reminds me of the little things I can take for granted at times. I sat there agreeing with him and told him that we do in fact have everything we could possibly need. "No we don't have everything we need" he says. That's when I started rambling off... "what do you need another bike? we do need a new fence in the backyard... what else do we need?" and mid chatter I turn to him and he has repositioned himself towards me and says, "I need to know if you will marry me... Will you marry me?" "OF COURSE!!!" I exclaim! "Well... then we need a diamond and need to make your ring..."  

ash hoffman jewelry : hammered brass cuff, meghan and leah midis, 14k rose gold knot ring, custom 18k gold and diamond engagement ring 


Over the course of the last month, we found the perfect diamond thanks to my mentor and local jeweler, Michael Clayton of Vicki Lyn Michael's Jewelers. Michael helped me reel in all my ideas and take both of our tastes to make the most perfect ring that represents us both. The ring is made of 18k yellow gold and the center bezel set oval diamond has 4 diamonds on one side and 3 on the other giving it the quirky that I so love, yet it remains simple and Enoel loves it just as much as I do. The 8 total diamonds represents part of our wedding date... 5.8.15. My wedding bands will all have a play on these numbers but you'll have to wait a few more months to see those! :)

dress : vintage anthropologie // boots : frye


To celebrate all the goodness that the past few weeks have held, we decided to have a little engagement photoshoot with my favorite local photographer. We headed out to the trails that Enoel helped build for the perfect sunset session in the woods.  Hope you enjoy a look a some of our favorite pics from our outdoors shoot. It's chock full of ash hoffman jewelry and a whole lotta love. 

special thanks to
 Allison Denton of Savvy Alli Photography
Vicki Lyn Michael's Jewelers
James D. Cooper of Red Bluff Re-Cycle Works for the tandem bicycle
 Meghan Kenny Abel of Freddie Rose Salon 
HULK Horry County Bike Trails

never stop learning

A new year, for most people, always starts with new resolutions. I chose instead to reflect. Last year, in just my third year of business I started off with really high expectations and quickly became doubtful, anxious and almost burnt out. I was going in a million directions and saying yes to a lot of new things. I was giving it all a try and in doing so, almost gave out completely. I realize now while I was learning so much about other aspects of my business, I had quit learning anything new when it came to my true love of making jewelry. Its hard to explain, but even though I was taking in more jobs and producing a lot of new pieces, the time at my bench didn't allow for playing, practicing and perfecting. Some jobs felt more like deadlines and I was losing some of my love for it all. That was frightening to me, because I can't imagine doing anything else besides making jewelry.

I was in jewelry school for almost two years with my teacher, Eddie, over my shoulder and guiding me every step of the way. When I moved home, Eddie and I were miles and miles apart and for the past three years, I have tried to do it all on my own. I call Eddie every now and then to ask questions and send him pictures of projects that are giving me a hard time, but for the most part I have relied on myself to figure it out.  I have told myself many times that I didn't need to call and "bother" anyone, even Eddie. I should know what to do. I was in school for two years. I need to figure it out.

All that gibberish is my lovely little ego talking. She tells me I don't need to ask for help. Asking for help would be a sign of weakness. She is wrong. Two years ago, I took up yoga. The first thing I learned in the very first class was to leave my ego at the door. Apparently, I had been picking her right back up on the way out. When I look at my yoga practice I give myself so much more freedom to learn. Some days my body won't let me go deeper in the poses, sometimes I need adjusting from my instructor. I am more compassionate with myself there. My yoga teachers are continuously learning from other yoga teachers. After 20 years of practicing, they still go to learn new things and deepen their practice. They have their own gurus. The lightbulb in my heads turns on... Why haven't I given myself the same compassion in my business? Where do I find someone local to help me? Will they be willing to help me?

These are all questions that were answered towards the end of 2014. A friend of mine's father is a local jeweler and he has been telling me for quite sometime to come by and meet his dad. I always said, "yeah, sure, thank you". My pretty little ego told me not to "bother" him. One day last fall I didn't listen to her and I called my friend. I went to meet his dad and that day, Mr. Michael Clayton became my local teacher, mentor, my jewelry "guru". Over the last few months, he has been willing to give me his time, to show me ways to better my craft, teach me things I didn't know, and help me become a better jeweler.

I have fallen in love with jewelry making again and moving forward I will give myself the same compassion in my business as I do in my yoga practice. I will ask for help and allow myself to learn and to grow, to take each day as it comes, work with Mr. Clayton when he's available and be a sponge for as long as he will allow me to be. I know that the more I learn, the better I will become and  the only limits in life are the ones I put on myself. I'm excited for what 2015 has in store and I hope that like me, you will never allow yourself to stop learning. To all my teachers who have helped me become a better version of myself and given to me their time and wisdom, I am truly grateful. 

joining people through jewelry

"Joining People Through Jewelry" was the slogan that I used 6 years ago when I came back from Uganda with three bags full of Ugandan paper jewelry and a will to sell it all to raise money. The philanthropic spirit in me has always been at the core of whatever I do. "How can I make something that can help someone else?" "Will this inspire others?" "How can I give back?" What is the purpose of life if we aren't working towards making this world a better place for ourselves and for others? 

Joining People Through Jewelry 2008

With my little "Joining People Through Jewelry" campaign, I was able to raise over $7,000 for my friend Susan whom I met while I was in Uganda! She had originally wanted to come to America with that money and study over here. Realizing that she could do so much more for others with that amount of money in Uganda, she used it to build the foundation for what will be a school for pastors. This is what life is all about.

Fast forward to the summer of 2013 when Christina Lazarus approached be about making a bracelet that could be sold to raise money for our local Helping Hand. By the end of four months of working after hours to hand stamp and tie hundreds of bracelets, we were able to donate $4000 to Helping Hand of Myrtle Beach by the end of December. Lots and lots of local families had a Thanksgiving and Christmas meal thanks to locals and folks I have never met ordering our handmade elastic bracelets. 

The Helping Hand Bracelets

These are the things that inspire me to keep going. To keep giving. Throughout the entire year, I am very happy to donate a piece of jewelry here and there for auction items and get involved with various fundraisers for local organizations. I know that I can't donate to every single thing and give to every organization but I feel that even the little things add up to be big things. If nothing else, it warms my soul.

6 years later, I am still joining people through jewelry. To finish off 2014, each month from September - December, I am going to donate a percentage of online sales from to a different local organization. There are plenty of people and animals right here in our community who need assistance and we have some great local organizations who work very hard to make that happen. How cool is it to know that a piece of jewelry you bought for yourself or as a gift was made locally and is helping to give back locally? It's kind of a win win and will surely warm your soul too! If you aren't sure, just give it a try! Thank you in advance for your support, love and giving heart!