Ally + ash boho bracelet stacks

If you had’ve told my 15 year old self that one day, I would design a collection of bracelets with Dr Alice, I would’ve never believed you. I met Dr Alice my sophomore year of high school when I needed some help with my classes. I remember her being so beautiful, stylish, positive and such an inspiration. She had a can-do attitude and made me believe that my dreams of becoming an architect were absolutely possible if I just put my mind to it and put in the work!

In 2007, I graduated from architecture school. In 2010, I became a master jeweler, and somewhere during that time, Dr Alice left the office for the kitchen to become Ally, a famous chef. Reinventing herself in her 60’s was no surprise to me because I have known since the day I met her that she was a force, a complete badass and a woman that I thank God daily for putting in my path. 

Funny enough, I started my jewelry business specializing in “boho bling” within a year of Ally starting “Ally’s Kitchen” with “bohemian bold” recipes! I have had the pleasure of dining with Ally several times and her tastings are like nothing I have ever experienced. Not only is she an incredible chef, everything is presented so beautifully! It’s always too pretty to even eat! She’s truly an artist in the kitchen which makes this collaboration that much more special!

23 years after first meeting one another, here we are joining our bohemian brains! We have designed and created a limited quantity collection of semi-precious beaded bracelets that we will be selling in sets of three and five, and sizes small, medium and large!  We’ve given the different color options fun, food friendly names!  I hand selected all of the beads and they are hand strung on elastic in my Myrtle Beach studio. Each bracelet has a custom tag with our logos and they will be packaged with lots of love! We can not wait to share our designs with you on Wednesday, June 1 and we thank y’all for coming along with us for this incredible ride. 

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