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Estate jewelry sorting + organization consultation


This one hour appointment is to begin the process of sorting and organizing your estate jewelry collection. These appointments can take  1-2 hours or several days. It really depends on the magnitude of the collection. We will assess this at the initial consultation. Most of my previous clients had no idea what pieces of their loved ones were real or costume jewelry. During the appointment, I will go through each piece with you and separate them by costume or precious metals, then by metal purity and color. Cleaning, polishing and packing for storage can be done for an additional fee. This is not a gold buying appointment. These meetings can be quite emotional as there is often a lot of sentimental value and attachment to certain pieces. I have met with so many clients who have been taken advantage of during these vulnerable times so this is really meant to be a healing process through sorting your loved ones heirlooms. If there are pieces you would like to rework as a repurposed piece I can help you decide which ones would be best to use for future projects. Updated insurance evaluations can be written for an additional fee if proper documentation is available. Each additional hour will incur a $100 fee. 

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