ash hoffman jewelry

custom beaded bracelet : gold or silver


4mm or 6mm hollow beaded bracelet in 14k yellow gold filled, 14k solid yellow gold, or sterling silver, with custom name of your choice

choose bead size (4mm shown with names, 6mm shown with rainbow hearts, pearls and initials)

choose bead metal

choose size : small fits approximately 6-6.5” wrist, medium fits approximately 6.5-7.25”wrist, large fits 7.25-8” wrist, XL fits approximately 8-8.5

bracelets are made on stretch elastic, please remove when bathing or swimming to keep most clean and in best shape 


*** LEAVE NAME/S IN “ADD ORDER NOTE” before payment.*** For double names or initials we will separate with a single bead between. The more letters, the less beads there are so keep that in mind

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