ash style : for the love of turquoise

As many of you know, turquoise is my most favorite stone. The variations of color, shapes and types of turquoise always mesmerize me. While we were out west on our honeymoon, I saw some of the most beautiful pieces of turquoise jewelry I have ever laid my eyes upon. Inspired is an understatement. The craftsmanship of the Native American Indians always leaves me in amazement and boy do I have some ideas for the turquoise stones I've been collecting over the years. Until then, check out my most favorite turquoise ash hoffman jewelry, vintage Native American rings, and my most fave handbag line, Taxidermy! Check them out if you have been living under a rock! (make that a turquoise rock)!



"Love is the answer" t shirt, TJ MAXX, pilcro jeans, Anthropologie, python bag, Taxidermy, vintage Native American rings

ash hoffman jewelry : "yoki" feather hoop earrings in turquoise, "ryan" skull necklace in 14k rose gold, "sophia" angel wing necklace in 14k yellow gold, "lydia" amazonite necklace in sterling silver, "gabriela" leather and turquoise necklace, "josie" sterling silver bangle, "emily" sterling silver bangles, "shikoba" cuff in 14k rose gold and sterling silver, 14k gold bangle, "irene" sterling silver ring, "leah" midi ring, "meghan" midi ring, custom wedding band set,