ash style : in the studio

My work uniform looks much like my workOUT uniform... stretchy pants and tank tops! The only difference is that there is sometimes (emphasis on sometimes) a little more effort on hair, make up, and accessorizing! Most days the hair is tied up in a clean wet bun, much like it is in this blog post. I gotta keep my mop safe from all the dangerous tools I work with on a daily basis. 
Many think that making jewelry is quite glamorous but it gets very messy. Even though the dust I'm covered in is gold and silver, it sticks to everything and no lightly colored top stands a chance! Up and down from the desk, to the bench, to the polisher, and the assembly table all day means comfort is key! So... here's my wet, messy bun self in my work attire and a little labor approved ash hoffman jewelry. 
ash hoffman jewelry : embroidered logo tank, "ryan" skull necklace, "sophia" wing necklace, "om" necklace, "hamsa" beaded necklace,"flo" arrow cuff, "miji" cat bangle, "josie" quote bangle, "meghan" and "leah" midis and stackable rings, "ojo" eye stackable, "elizabeth" knot ring, "maria" ring with ruby, "yoki" feather ring, custom diamond stackable, "rachel" rope stackable, "noel" square pattern stackable (all sterling silver, 14k yellow or rose gold, 24k gold "om")