how to : propose to a jeweler

"How do you propose to a jeweler?" my boyfriend, Enoel, would question at times. "Easy" I would say... "All you have to do is ask!" I didn't need a box in his hand to open with something sparkly in it to make it a kick ass proposal, nor did I want that. I'm an artist, designer and jeweler so of course I want my hand in the design and building of the most anticipated piece of jewelry known to every woman! As far as the actual proposal, I really just wanted to be surprised and caught off guard which, in hindsight, may have been harder to pull off than trying to pick out a ring! Ideas constantly swirling through my brain made the thought of designing a ring for myself a little overwhelming, and a whole lotta exciting so I came to the conclusion that if he ever asked, we would design it together and it would be a mix of both our tastes. I love quirky and offbeat with layers of texture and colors while Enoel prefers clean lines and simpler styles. All he had to do was ask...

ash hoffman jewelry : luna, louise and lorraine turquoise stacks, emily bangles, ryan skull necklace, sophia wing necklace, meghan and leah midis // "love is the answer tank" TJ MAXX, plaid flannel L Mae Boutique


Ask he did on a gorgeous, sunny Sunday afternoon, January 11, to be exact, and I was completely caught off guard... The day didn't go like our typical Sundays. He's usually at the mountain bike trails first thing in the morning and I catch up on sleep. This particular day I got up, went to yoga, the grocery store, and then returned home and spent some time in the kitchen... completely abnormal. He was outside mowing the lawn and cleaning up the yard. I remember feeling very happy. Sometime after the lawnmower silenced, my phone chimed and a snapchat had come through... Enoel had made a fire in the middle of the day and the caption read "so peaceful." Peaceful it looked, so I packed the last bit of food in the fridge and headed out to sit with him. 

ash hoffman jewelry : meghan + leah midis, shikoba cuff in 14k rose gold + sterling silver


The air had a nice crisp chill to it and the fire was warm and cozy. All was well in the world. Enoel started talking about how blessed we were and how good life was. This is all common with him as he has a very grateful heart and so often reminds me of the little things I can take for granted at times. I sat there agreeing with him and told him that we do in fact have everything we could possibly need. "No we don't have everything we need" he says. That's when I started rambling off... "what do you need another bike? we do need a new fence in the backyard... what else do we need?" and mid chatter I turn to him and he has repositioned himself towards me and says, "I need to know if you will marry me... Will you marry me?" "OF COURSE!!!" I exclaim! "Well... then we need a diamond and need to make your ring..."  

ash hoffman jewelry : hammered brass cuff, meghan and leah midis, 14k rose gold knot ring, custom 18k gold and diamond engagement ring 


Over the course of the last month, we found the perfect diamond thanks to my mentor and local jeweler, Michael Clayton of Vicki Lyn Michael's Jewelers. Michael helped me reel in all my ideas and take both of our tastes to make the most perfect ring that represents us both. The ring is made of 18k yellow gold and the center bezel set oval diamond has 4 diamonds on one side and 3 on the other giving it the quirky that I so love, yet it remains simple and Enoel loves it just as much as I do. The 8 total diamonds represents part of our wedding date... 5.8.15. My wedding bands will all have a play on these numbers but you'll have to wait a few more months to see those! :)

dress : vintage anthropologie // boots : frye


To celebrate all the goodness that the past few weeks have held, we decided to have a little engagement photoshoot with my favorite local photographer. We headed out to the trails that Enoel helped build for the perfect sunset session in the woods.  Hope you enjoy a look a some of our favorite pics from our outdoors shoot. It's chock full of ash hoffman jewelry and a whole lotta love. 

special thanks to
 Allison Denton of Savvy Alli Photography
Vicki Lyn Michael's Jewelers
James D. Cooper of Red Bluff Re-Cycle Works for the tandem bicycle
 Meghan Kenny Abel of Freddie Rose Salon 
HULK Horry County Bike Trails