to the class of 2014

In just a few short weeks my baby sister, Jessie, the daughter of my mother and stepfather (there are 12.5 years and no other children between us) will be graduating high school. Come August, we will be packing up the car and sending her off to start college. Some days I don't want her to go. Other days I want to pack up and go with her. Most days, I want her to spread her wings out as far as possible and fly as free as a bird. Learn all she can. See all she can. And dream as big as she possibly can! 


Lately I am asked "what is the perfect gift for a high school graduate?"  One of my favorite pieces is the sterling silver wrap ring with a hand engraved quote. The next question is... "well what quote?"  Oh goodness!!! Even at 30, these quotes light a little fire under me and make me want to take over the world!!! And they would be perfect wrapped around a silver ring as a constant reminder to your baby girl that the world is her oyster! So, here's to the class of 2014 and to my sweet little Jessie ... 


ash hoffman jewelry hand engraved sterling silver wrap rings 

photographed by Savvy Alli Photography

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