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Ally + Ash “Guac This Way” 5 set stack


Ally + Ash exclusive

5 set boho beaded bracelet stack includes one adventurine, one gold plated hematite, one silver plated hematite, one multi green Indian agate and one tigers eye beaded bracelet with custom ally + ash acrylic tag

all beads are different sizes so bracelet sizes may vary slightly

all bracelets are made with elastic so that they can be easily put on and removed, however elastic may stretch over time

choose size : small fits approximately 5.5-6.25” wrist, medium fits approximately 6.25-7” wrist, large fits 7-7.75” wrist, XL fits 7.75-8.5” wrist

size up when ordering 5 set stacks 

care card is included

Limited quantities available


please allow 1-2 weeks prior to shipping


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