#AllDayeStrong bar bracelet

ash hoffman


One of my very first clients, who quickly became a dear friend, recently found out that her 16 year old niece has been diagnosed with Burkitt's Leukemia. Everyone in her family's life has been drastically impacted and our hearts have all been heavy since we learned the news. Heavy, but hopeful! I was asked to design a bracelet with the hashtag #AllDayeStrong to spread the story, awareness, the prayers and the strength that we all are sharing about sweet Allison Daye right now! We chose the beaded bracelets to incorporate Allison's favorite colors and the clasps are an open hook making them extra easy to put on! Our friends over at Fin First designed a beautiful shirt named "Alli Daye" for the same cause and I will follow their lead in pledging to donate 25% of sales to Greenville Children's Hospital Oncology unit. Thank you for your support! 

sterling silver 1.5" bar bracelet

hand engraved #AllDayeStrong

choose bracelet length

choose from chrysocolla, multi color, or silver plated pyrite beads

open hook clasp with ash hoffman jewelry logo

 *Please allow 2-3 weeks prior to shipping


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